Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Available Titles

7/1/11 Update: No more CITC zine distro. As of today my PO Box is no more. People don't seem to like print zines or mail order that much anymore which is just the way it goes I guess even if I disagree. Most of the zines below were given away on tour with Ramshackle Glory and the rest will be available for free or by donation on my solo tour later this month. Hope to see you soon!

  • Against Prisons- A brief introductory essay to the ideas of prison abolition by Catherine Baker. $1.
  • Arguments from Errico Malatesta- Historical information about and reproduction of material by Italian anarchist and insurrectionist Errico Malatesta. $2.
  • Black Anarchism- Ashanti Alston, who was a member of the Black Panthers and the Black Liberation Army, offers his view of a non-Eurocentric anarchism. Alston discovered anarchism while incarcerated for activities related to the BLA, and came out of prison with a perspective that challenged the hierarchical tendencies of the Black Panthers. $1.
  • Communicating Vessels- A radical, anarchist-leaning literary zine out of Portland, OR. Stunningly produced by offset printers Eberhardt Press. Issue #21 currently available. $3.
  • Cracks in the Concrete- A small anarchist newsletter based out of Tucson, Arizona containing anti-authoritarian commentary on current events and news. Write for our latest issue. $1, free with any order.
  • Dine, O'odham, Anarchist: Reflections on the DOA Bloc- On January 16, 2010, DinĂ©, O'odham and Autonomous/Anti-authoritarian (DOA) people answered a call-out from the O'odham Solidarity Across Borders Collective and Phoenix Class War Council to form the DOA Block at a march against Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Phoenix, AZ. This zine reflects on, discusses and analyses the march, the DOA Bloc and the future of related struggles in AZ. Published by the Phoenix Class War Council. $1.
  • Fire to the Prisons, Issue #7- An insurrectionary anarchist quarterly. FTTP reports on government repression, prisoner struggles, indigenous resistance, earth and animal liberation, and a variety of other forms of militant action. Contains a lengthy dose of insurrectionary and anti-political theory. $3.
  • From Zero to Anarchist in 1.3 Seconds- An extensive interview with anarchist and former prisoner Lee Savage. Lee offers the details of prison life for women while relating her own life experience, demonstrating the cycles of physical and psychological abuse perpetuated by patriarchal culture and the state. $3.
  • The Match!- We have a few copies of the latest issue of The Match! available. The Match! is one of the longest-running anarchist publications in the United States and is dedicated to the ideal of "Ethical Anarchism." Writer, editor and publisher Fred Woodworth documents police abuse and growing government bureaucracy while criticizing statism and religion, among other authoritarian institutions. $3.
  • Olive Drab Rebels / Harass the Brass- Notes on the subversion of the US armed forces. Insight into the revolutionary but largely ignored and distorted history of the soldier anti-war movement. $2.
  • From Politics to Life: Ridding Anarchy of the Leftist Milestone- The title says it all. A short essay by Wolfi Landstreicher. $1.
  • Savage Realities- The first zine in a two part series written by Lee Savage, a previously incarcerated anarchist writer, agitator and abolitionist. $1.

Only the Strong Resist- This is the second zine in the two part series mentioned above. $1.
  • Show Me The Money!- An economic zine focusing on the failing state of the economy. Anti-capitalist analysis. Random back issues available. $2 each.
  • Strong Hearts (Issue #1-3)- The first three issues of Rod Coronado's zine, written while incarcerated. Inspirational insight into indigenous struggles, earth and animal liberation movements. $2 each.
  • Surviving Police Stops & Searches- Two articles in one zine looking at police stops and searches, offering tips and advice for surviving encounters with police. $3.
  • Work Community Politics War- A 28-page comic book manifesto on class war and the world as we know it. $2.